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Legal Information : Labor law

Labor law

  • Anslow Communications Ltd - United Kingdom company, providing advise on employment law and general personnel management issues, offering training programmes and workshops, and management handbooks.
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  • Benefits Alert - A free resource for employee benefits news and information. Employee benefit articles, tips, links, and reference resources that will help save time and money, as well as important information on employee benefit court cases, legislation, and regulations that will help ensure an organization's benefits administration stays on the right side of the legal line.
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  • California Law of the Workplace - Legal materials relating to California laws of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, invasion of privacy and defamation, from The Law Offices of Gerald P. Cunningham.
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  • Employee Rights Advocate - Information regarding employee rights, work place safety, discrimination, unemployment, disability and labor laws. Links to Osha, EDD, Department of Labor, EEOC and others.
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  • NLRB - Labor Policy Association's Website Devoted to Trends in National Labor Relations Board Case Law and Administrative Actions.
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  • Prevent Claims - Provides claims prevention training resources for employment lawsuits and labor law with attention to harassment in the workplace, sexual discrimination, and affirmative action plans.
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  • Virginia Labor Law - Providing Virginia employers with online access to labor and employment law resources. From attorney Ray Hogge of the Norfolk law firm of Payne, Gates, Farthing & Radd, P.C.
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Page Updated On: 28 Sep 2005

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