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  • Academic Tips - This web site contains tips and tricks to help you manage your time, take better notes, study more effectively, improve memory, take tests, and handle the stresses of college life.
    (Added: 17 Feb 2001 ) Rate It
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  • BARBRI - Offering programs intended to provide incoming first year law students with the tools needed for success in law school. Information about the programs, tuition, locations, and faculty.
    (Added: 06 Jun 2003 ) Rate It
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  • EQR - Law School Rankings - Quickly becoming a popular alternative to other commercial law school ranking systems, the bi-annual Educational Quality Ranking focuses exclusively on the three factors central to a good legal education: the quality of the faculty, the quality of the student body, and the quality of teaching.
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  • Judicial Clerkships - A central source of information and advice on clerkships, with links to key court sites plus special features including preferred news updates, a resume posting service, and judicial clerkship forums for law clerks, students, and law schools.
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  • Law Preview - A law school prep course that provides incoming first-year law students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in law school. Site also offers free resources including information about law schools, finance, news, and legal links.
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  • Law Study Group - Provides access to online law courses, specializing in contracts, torts, criminal, property, evidence and constitutional law.
    (Added: 06 Jun 2003 ) Rate It
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  • LawSwap - A national site where law students and recent graduates buy and sell used case books, study aids and bar review materials.
    (Added: 06 Jun 2003 ) Rate It
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  • Scots Law Student Zone - Advice and information for law students in Scotland on getting traineeships in Scottish law firms, university life and career choices. Includes the Scots Law Student Journal.
    (Added: 10 Oct 2001 ) Rate It
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  • Student Law Centre - Resource for UK law students. Features searchable databases of training contracts, articles and tips.
    (Added: 20 Sep 2000 Rating: 4.00 Votes: 3 ) Rate It
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  • - is an online law school preparation course that simulates the first semester of law school, exams and all,in a month.
    (Added: 06 Jun 2003 ) Rate It
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Page Updated On: 28 Sep 2005

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