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DNA evidence

  • Affiliated Genetics - Affiliated Genetics has provided the public with some of the most affordable, accurate and confidential DNA testing for the past 6 years.
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  • DNA Learning Center - A wide variety of online DNA resources as well as information on many workshops, field trips, courses, and products, from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
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  • Forensic Mathematics - A short description of the site-owner's work, which mostly pertains to DNA identification, and includes consulting, writing software, and academic activities in mathematics, biostatistics, and recreational aspects of population genetics.
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  • Hope Hall DNA Action Memorial - Describes how, four years after the violent rape and murder of Hope Denise Hall, the killer was identified during a random DNA search conducted by Virginia forensic scientists.
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  • Mitochondrial DNA Concordance - Addressing the examination of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) by forensic scientists, population and evolutionary biologists, and anthropologists, and for identification of unknown individuals.
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  • STRBase - Contains a database of STRs for genetic mapping and identity testing. Provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Biotechnology Division.
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