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  • Arbitration Virtual Library. - Links to Alternative dispute resolution information and resources, including 'international public arbitration' for disputes between nations, from the World Wide Web Virtual Library project.
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  • - Information on international arbitration and mediation and international litigation. A list of attorneys and arbitrators worldwide providing litigation and alternative dispute resolution services.
    (Added: 19 Sep 2000 ) Rate It
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  • Permanent Court of Arbitration - The first world body dedicated to the pacific settlement of disputes, now also very active in international commercial arbitration. Established by the first Hague Peace Conference in 1899.
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  • Securities Arbitration Center - Guide to stock broker arbitration and mediation: links to the arbitration codes and various arbitration sites; original commentary by securities attorneys regarding the process, and all aspects of arbitration claims, including churning, misrepresentation, insider trading, excessive commissions, and mark up issues.
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  • WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center - Offers arbitration and mediation services for the resolution of international commercial disputes, for technology, entertainment, the Internet and electronic commerce (especially domain name disputes).
    (Added: 13 Jul 2000 ) Rate It
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