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  • Ancient Law - Henry Sumner Maine's 1861 compilation of ancient laws dealing with property, inheritance, crime, civil law, and more.
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  • Bracton's De legibus et consuetudines Angliae - The Laws and Customs of England, attributed to Henry of Bratton, c. 1210-1268. The first substantial treatise of English law, written in the time of Henry III. This is an electronic full-text version of Samuel Thorne's translationof George Woodbine's collation of the Latin manuscripts, first published in four volumes, 1968-1977.
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  • Brehon Law Project - Study and education of Brehon Law, the ancient Celic common law of Ireland that was practised from pre-history up until the seventeenth century.
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  • Connections - Unannotated links with an emphasis on ancient law, from Bernard J. Hibbitts, University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
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  • Famous American Trials - Accounts, maps, photos, transcript excerpts and other materials relating to famous American trials. Assembled by Professor Douglas Linder, UMKC School of Law.
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  • H-Law Discussion Network - List covering teaching and research in the history of all legal traditions, although participants generally focus on common-law and other Western systems. Site includes information about the American Society for Legal History, an archive of postings, book reviews and a substantial selection of well-annotated links.
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  • History on Trial - Information and discussion about some of the most famous and controversial trials in American history, from
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  • LawBuzz - Stories of famous (and infamous) trials and legal events, with commentary, political cartoons, and information about legal history and legal rights.
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  • Roman Law - Roman law resources in English, Latin, German and Italian from the University of SaarbrĂ1/4cken.
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