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War Crimes

east timor (1)
Iraq (4)
Rwanda (2)
world war II (1)
Yugoslavia (41)

  • Crimes of War Project - Dedicated to raising awareness of the laws of war and war crimes among the media, policy makers, human rights and humanitarian aid workers, and the general public.
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  • Humanitarianism and War Project, Brown University - Reviews the experience of the international community in responding to complex emergencies around the world, examines the interaction between humanitarian action and political-military forces. Relying primarily on the data gathered from interviews with those involved in crises, it frames recommendations to improve the functioning of the world's humanitarian system.
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  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting - An award-winning educational and development charity founded in 1991, IWPR informs the international debate on conflict and supports the independent media in regions in transition. Long-time publisher of WarReport, IWPR produces several electronic reporting and monitoring services, all available via the Web or e-mail, in up to five languages.
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  • International Military Law - This Australian site explores and debates international law issues arising out of the increasing use of military personnel in circumstances below the threshold of armed conflict.
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  • No Peace Without Justice - Campaign of the Transnational Radical Party for the establishment of the ICC and support of the ad hoc international criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.
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  • REDRESS - Seeking Reparation for Torture Survivors - Redress is a London based, internationally focused non-profit legal/human rights organisation to help torture survivors use available international, regional and national remedies to obtain reparation and to campaign for effective remedies where they do not exist.
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  • The Project on International Courts and Tribunals - PICT is an unprecedented endeavor, jointly established in 1997 by New York University and University of London to address the legal, institutional and financial issues arising from the multiplication of international courts and tribunals as well as from the increased willingness of members of the international community to have recourse to them. It couples academic research with concrete action aimed at facilitating the work of international courts and tribunals.
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  • War Criminal Watch - Founded by the Coalition for International Justice to track and publicize the accused criminal acts of indicted suspects for war crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. A dossier is available on each indicted suspect, including the indictment itself, location information, and links to any important or particularly relevant news stories and articles.
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  • Widows of War Living Memorial - War widows from all over the world tell their stories. Inspired by Barbara Sonneborn's documentary Regret to Inform, the memorial celebrates women as an unprecedented force for peace, healing, and reconciliation.
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Page Updated On: 28 Sep 2005

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