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death penalty

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  • Capital Defender's Toolbox - Information relating to death penalty defense, including habeas corpus, trials and appeals, case law, AEDPA, PLRA, a general examination of the death penalty, activist information, news and resources.
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  • Cornell Law School's Death Penalty Project - An undertaking that allows law students to assist in the representation of capital defendants. The site also offers amicus curiae briefs the students have filed recently, links to scholarly articles about the death penalty, and links to defense counsel resources.
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  • Death Penalty Information - An interactive exploration of capital punishment, including arguments for and against, issues of ethics and justice surrounding the death penalty, and interactive maps showing state-by-state data.
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  • Death Penalty Links - A compendium of links and articles that, while more heavily weighing against capital punishment, does provide assets that argue for the death penalty.
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  • Focus on the Death Penalty - Educational site intended to give as full a picture as possible of the complex issues surrounding capital punishment and its application. Death penalty history, statistics, state death rows, issues under debate, and the international context.
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  • The Death Penalty (OU CALL) - Ohio University's CALL Lab is an education site that offers links to information on a number of subjects. In this site there are definitions of some common terms used regarding the issue as well as links to sites for and against the Death Penalty.
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  • The Illinois Death Penalty - The recent moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois, with an online poll. 12 people have been executed, but in the same time 13 people on death row have been released, most having been proven innocent by confessions or DNA testing.
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  • Trial Watchers - Keep up with the latest criminal court cases in the United States and register your input and vote on the death penalty.
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Page Updated On: 28 Sep 2005

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