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Criminal Defense

  • Association Of Federal Defense Attorneys - AFDA is the only association devoted exclusively to the interests of federal criminal defense attorneys. The organization has been formed with a commitment to provide attorneys with the educational resources and support to effectively represent defendants in federal district and appellate courts.
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  • Civil Trial Counsel of Wisconsin - CTCW is an organization of over 600 Wisconsin trial attorneys and professionals who are dedicated to the defense of Wisconsin citizens and businesses, the maintenance of an equitable civil justice system and the improvement of professional standards in the legal community.
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  • Georgia Defense Lawyers Association - GDLA seeks to bring together lawyers of Georgia who devote a substantial amount of their professional time to the handling of litigated cases and whose representation in such cases is primarily for the defense.
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  • Kentucky Defense Counsel - Bringing together Kentucky civil defense lawyers to exchange information, ideas, litigation techniques, and enhance knowledge and skills.
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  • Michigan Defense Trial Counsel - MDTC was established in 1979 to enhance and promote the Defense Bar. MDTC exists to facilitate greater exchange of views and advance the interest of civil defense attorneys and their clients.
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  • Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - A professional association with over 525 members around the state. OACDL is an advocate of progressive criminal laws and policies that are consistent with constitutional principles, limited government intrusion into the lives of Americans, and a free society.
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  • Washington Defense Trial Lawyers - A statewide association of trial lawyers who represent defendants being sued for monetary damages and other forms of relief. The mission of WDTL is to promote access to, and the fair, efficient and cost effective administration of, the civil trial process in Washington.
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  • Wisconsin State Public Defenders (SPD) - Providing access to resources including briefs, case summaries, publications and training opportunities. Also, learn about SPD's international leadership role through its initiative, Justice Without Borders.
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