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World War II

  • - Mission and contact information for an organization offering services to find art works looted by Nazis.
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  • Enemy Property: The British Government Claims Scheme - [United Kingdom] Site contains details of the claims scheme and how to apply. It also has summary details of records held at the Public Record Office relating to UK property seized during WWII from organisations and individuals resident in countries with which the UK was at war.
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  • Hitler's Capital - Part II of an article by James S. Plaut, in which he tells the story of retrieving and collecting of masterpieces looted by Rosenberg, Goring, and Hitler and hidden in Germany. [The Atlantic Monthly]
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  • Holocaust-Era Assets - International list of current activities regarding holocaust-era assets. A project of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in conjunction with the Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets.
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  • Loot for the Master Race - Article by James S. Plaut, who was directly responsible for recovering the works of art which had been looted by Rosenberg, Göring, and Hitler and hidden in Germany. [The Atlantic Monthly]
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  • Restitution - Art - [Czech Republic] Database of works of art from public collections in the Czech Republic that come, or may come, from the property of the victims of the Holocaust.
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  • The Art Newspaper - Looted Art - Selection of recently published articles on the subject of art looted during the Second World War. Also publishes a complete list of names of the dealers, museum curators, collectors and Nazi officials involved in trading art in occupied Europe, as reported to the US government in 1946 by the Office of Strategic Services.
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  • The Russian Law on "Trophy Art" - The original text, a summary and English translation of the Russian Federal Law on Cultural Valuables Displaced to the U.S.S.R. as a Result of World War II and Located on the Territory of the Russian Federation.
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  • The Spoils of War - [Germany] Biannual newsletter published by the German Coordination Office of the Federal States for the the Return of Cultural Property.
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Page Updated On: 28 Sep 2005

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