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  • CMLF Semester At Sea - DANGER - Semester At Sea: A Deadly Program - Information on the extreme dangers of the SAS program. Including information by safety experts for students considering traveling abroad.
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  • Counter Terrorism - Articles on Terrorism: Legislation and Executive Orders, Facts, Commentary , Precautions, Terrorism Related Sites. From The National Security Institute.
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  • Counter-Terrorism Issues - News and analysis of the latest issues and events of counterterrorism, infrastructure protection, and the impact of terrorism on domestic politics and civil liberties.
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  • Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism - US State Department office that who coordinates all government efforts to improve counterterrorism cooperation with foreign governments. Includes reports on fighting terrorism, travel security, statements, and a calendar of counterterrorist meetings, and links to related sites.
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  • Proliferation: Threat and Response - US government report on the use of weapons of mass destruction by regional aggressors, third-rate armies, terrorist cells, and religious cults can wield disproportionate power by using or threatening to use nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.
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  • SBCCOM Online - The U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command supports biological and chemical warfare defense through research and development, emergency planning and response, and secure weapons storage and destruction.
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  • Special Operations.Com - Special Operations.Com has been created to provide a glimpse inside the world of elite military and civilian units tasked with unconventional and oftentimes very hazardous duties.
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  • Terrorism Research Center, Inc. - Calendar of significant dates, travel advisories, profiles of important terrorist organizations, documents, print sources, discussion group, and links on terrorism, counterterrorism, and information warfare.
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  • The Counter-Terrorism Page - Resources for the study of terrorism, counterterrorism, revolutions, and politically motivated violence, Includes f profiles of terrorist groups, links to related websites, and an archive or searchable documents.
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