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  • Bureau of Insurance - A Maine state agency established to regulate the business of insurance through assistance to consumers; licensing, examination, and solvency of all authorized insurance companies; and review, analysis and approval of policy forms, rules and rates.
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  • Children's Cabinet - Governor King holds a children's cabinet, which he convened in 1995, to oversee and coordinate the delivery of services to children in Maine.
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  • GIS News - Impending changes in the Geographical Information Services of Maine, slated for May 3, 1999.
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  • Maine Department of Human Services - Comprehensive site linking to Maine bureaus: Elder and Adult services, Family Independence, Health, Medical Services. Guide to administrative hearings, budget, management, staff services.
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  • Maine Emergency Management Agency - Mission is "to lessen the effects of disaster on lives and property of the people of Maine through leadership, coordination and support in the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, prepardedness, response and recovery."
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  • Maine Human Rights Commission - Maine has strong and enforced laws concerning fairness to all human beings. The Attorney General vigorously enforces civil rights laws for all Maine citizens and visitors.
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  • Maine Municipal Bond Bank - A unique financing program allowing Maine towns, cities, counties, school systems, water districts, sewer districts or other governmental entities access to national money markets.
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  • Maine State Employees Association - Local Union for Maine State Employees Association including Maine labor union, Maine workers union, employee union, employee organizations, labor organization, solidarity, employee solidarity in the State of Maine.
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  • Maine State Library - This remarkable resource is physically centered near the capitol buildings in Augusta, Maine. But its outreach covers the state and its islands.
    (Added: 11 Nov 2001 ) Rate It
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Page Updated On: 28 Sep 2005

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