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Illinois government

  • Capital Development Board - The Illinois Capital Development Board is the construction management agency for construction and renovation of Illinois state government buildings and facilities.
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  • Find-It! Illinois - Portal to Illinois governmental and library information on the Web. Includes a virtual catalog of Illinois library resources. From the Secretary of State's office.
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  • Illinois Arts Council - State agency assisting artists, arts organizations and other community organizations that present arts programming by providing financial and technical assistance.
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  • Illinois Commerce Commission - Information regarding Illinois Electric Deregulation, Plug-In Illinois, Telecommunications, Illinois area codes, Illinois Operation Lifesaver, ICC careers and public utilites.
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  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency - Information about permit application forms, vehicle emissions testing station locations, annual reports on the state's environmental conditions, the history and organizational structure of the Illinois EPA, and contact information.
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  • Illinois Fair Housing Network - Collection of web sites and database of government and private fair housing agencies, rental properties, mortgage lenders, and realtors. Complied by the Illinois Department of Human Rights.
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  • Illinois State Geological Survey - ISGS provides objective scientific information to government, business, and the public. Our research and service programs encompass geologic mapping, water and mineral resources, environmental and engineering geology, geochemistry, and education.
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  • Office of Banks and Real Estate - Is to protect the public and promote confidence in the regulated industries through administration of statutory responsibilities in an efficient, professional, and responsive manner.
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  • Traffic Safety - Motorcycle safety training program overview and FAQ, information about safety around trucks, order form for traffic safety public education materials.
    (Added: 11 Nov 2001 ) Rate It
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Page Updated On: 28 Sep 2005

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