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  • DC WASA - The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority provides water and sewer services for Washington. Site includes news, budgets and reports (PDF format), and information on water quality and sewers.
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  • DC Health - Official web site of the District of Columbia Department of Health. Describes the agency's programs; has news, health alerts and reports; and tells how to obtain vital records.
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  • DC Tuition Assistance - Program provides tuition subsidies to DC residents to attend private colleges in the Washington area and public colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Site has program information, downloadable applications and supporting documents (PDF format), and a list of eligible schools.
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  • District of Columbia: District Division of Transportation - Describes DDOT responsibilities for traffic, transit and roads in Washington, DC. Includes list of road and bridge construction projects, downloadable (PDF) transportation planning documents, list of upcoming construction contracts (PDF), information on public space permits, and snow emergency plans.
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  • District of Columbia: Office of Human Rights - Deals with issues of discrimination, equal opportunity and human rights in the District of Columbia. Site has information on filing discrimination complaints (and downloadable complaint form) and on the agency's mediation procedures. Some pages also in Spanish.
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  • District of Columbia: Office of the Chief Financial Officer - Oversees finances, budget, and taxation functions of the DC government. Site includes downloadable (PDF) tax forms and publications, as well as budget and financial reports; a searchable real property tax data base; information on community development incentive programs, grants, and the activities and organization of the agency.
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  • Neighborhood Action - A DC government initiative for neighborhood planning, involving all sectors of the community. Site has an overview, summaries of planning meetings, and news updates.
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