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United Kingdom

articles (4)
cases (5)
codes (4)
constitution (1)
courts (3)
government (342)
human rights (2)
law schools (24)
lawyers (523)
legal news (7)
legal portals (11)
legal services (35)
legal topics (16)
Northern Ireland (20)
organizations (11)
Scotland (66)
Wales (17)

  • British and Irish Legal Information Institute - With the exception of Scottish statutes, and statutory instruments for most jurisdictions (which are promised shortly) BAILII includes all freely available UK and Irish data which is available on the Web as well as much data which is not otherwise available.
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  • Community Legal Service - Just Ask!, the community Legal Service website. The first port of call for on-line legal information and advice. Easy searching of quality-checked links. The authoritative Directory of advice providers.
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  • Compact Law - Legal information for England and Wales, including fact sheets, questions and answers, and how-to guides on various legal topics. Also includes a document centre.
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  • Law On The Web - UK law and legal information and advice about employment, unfair dismissal and redundancy law; personal injury and divorce law.
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  • Lawlinks - Links to legal information on the internet from the University of Kent Legal Library
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  • LawZONE - A British Internet community for the legal profession, containing breaking news, links to the best legal sites on the Internet, company information and searches.
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  • UK Legal Resource Page - Listings of barristers, soliciters, private investigators, law associations, and links to legal information. Home of the Association of British Investigators.
    (Added: 10 Oct 2001 ) Rate It
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Page Updated On: 28 Sep 2005

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