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  • Algemeen Octrooibureau - Services include prosecuting national, European and international patent registrations, filing trademark and design applications, and filing applications for plant breeders' rights.
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  • Blenheim - A Netherlands law firm, based in Amsterdam, specialized in Dutch business and corporate law, and in matters of international trade.
    (Added: 12 Sep 2003 Rating: 6.00 Votes: 2 ) Rate It
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  • Frank Warendorf - Attorney at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn, The Hague, The Netherlands. Main area of interest is liability for soil pollution.
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  • Kernkamp Advocaten - Law Firm with offices in Rotterdam and Middelburg, providing a broad range of business and commercial legal services including salvage law, and ship registration.
    (Added: 01 Jan 2001 Rating: 9.00 Votes: 2 ) Rate It
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  • Spigt Advocaten - Acts as a legal adviser to entrepreneursand covers a number of fields such as bankruptcy, (international) contract, corporate, labour and procedural law. Located in Utrecht.
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  • Spigthoff Attorneys & Tax Advisers - Attorneys & tax advisers, with offices in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Curacao (the Netherlands Antilles), represents private companies and high net worth individuals on legal and tax matters.
    (Added: 10 Aug 2004 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 1 ) Rate It
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