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What is Mishpat?

Mishpat is the Hebrew word for law and justice. Thousands of years old, the word "mishpat" has been used through out the centuries to describe law, justice and rights. While the Hebrew language is an ancient language, the meaning of "mishpat" has not changed over the years, and it still symbolizes the basic foundation of a just society.

The connection of the old "mishpat" with the new "net" ( and "com" ( symbolizes that while cyberspace is an emerging new culture and society, law and justice are still important factors in the 21st Century society.

Thus, Mishpat is built on the hope that in our modern era (com & net), we will not forget that justice (mishpat) should be the basis for our society. We hope that the information on our network will enable all to access legal materials and participate in the legal process.

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