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About Mishpat.Net

Mishpat Legal Information, located at and, is an online network dedicated to disseminating legal information over the Internet. Mishpat.Net is intended to help lawyers, researchers, webmasters, students and netizens (Internet citizens) learn about law in cyberspace.

Unlike many other law related directories, Mishpat takes a global perspective and does not focus on law from any specific country. We believe that the spirit of cyberspace, the international e-commerce and the world wide online publishing are changing the concept of law. In the information society, real understanding of law requires knowledge in international law and in the substantive laws and legal regimes of all nations.

Yedidya MelchiorMishpat.Net is owned and managed by Yedidya (Didi) Melchior.
Didi graduated 1st in his class at the Haifa University Faculty of law (Israel) and also holds a degree in Economics from Haifa University.

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